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Green Fairy Cafe

Featured Business - Resident's Choice!

Green Fairy Cafe has been serving residents of studio16 their morning coffee for seven years. It’s only a two minute walk from studio16’s front door to the Green Fairy’s. Featuring free wifi use, comfy lounge areas, and private spaces for when you really need to focus, Green Fairy Cafe continues to be a shining star in an already great neighbourhood. It is a staple of the studio16 community with unbeatable prices on top of a great cup of joe! Enjoy vegan and gluten free options for all drinks and most food items as well!

Food Basics

Featured Business - Resident's Choice!

Food Basics is a grocery banner that operates in over 115 stores across Ontario. Since 1995, Food Basics continues to save our customers money on all of their grocery needs to give them "always more for less".